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Phenix City manager fired at city council meeting

Wallace Hunter Wallace Hunter

News Leader 9 has learned that Phenix City manager Wallace Hunter was immediately released from his duties at the city council meeting Tuesday night. Council members voted 3-2 to unseat Hunter.

Council member Arthur Day disapproves of the decision, claiming it is an act of racial discrimination.

"The city is in the best fine shape it's ever been in. What has that man done but good? Tell me why would you let him go? It's a personal thing and I told them to their face, you know, since you guys became elected officials, you've had a personal vendetta to get rid of Wallace Hunter," said Day.

Day and Phenix City mayor Eddie Lowe voted to keep Hunter. Hunter was the city manager for eight years.

Council Member-at-Large Chris Blackshear also spoke with News Leader 9:

In August 2012, Phenix City experienced one of the largest voter turn outs in history which led to a pendulum swing in the leadership of our great city. Many in this community, expected this council to follow suit as many before us and replace our city manager and other directs reports with individuals we had chosen. This council felt that we needed to give everyone an opportunity to become a part of the vision we wanted to establish for our community moving forward, however in my opinion, it has become apparent after 19 months in office that not everyone has bought into or is willing to buy into our long term vision we are trying to establish. With this being said, I felt the time for a change was now because we can no longer sacrifice the growth and well-being of our community with individuals that are pulling the rope against us rather than with us. Where do we go from here? We need the best and qualified City Manager that we can find from anywhere in the United States. Not only do we need someone that is highly qualified, we also need the right person that fits with our community and can help this Council implement our vision and improve the quality of life in Phenix City for all citizens. I would like to personally thank Wallace Hunter for 30 plus years of dedicated service to this great city including the last four and a half years as city manager and wish him well in his future endeavors.

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