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2014 Citizen Survey results revealed at Auburn City Council Meeting


2014 marks the tenth year citizens have been asked to fill out a survey, sharing opinions on how the City of Auburn is doing when it comes to providing city services.

"The city has made steady progress every year since 2006, so the City has essentially gone from have a B, or above average to being one of the best cities in the nation," explains Chris Tatham, CEO of the ETC Institute.

Since 2013, the Annual Citizen Survey showed the City of Auburn significantly improved in 51 areas.

70 percent of people see Auburn as the best place to raise children, 66 percent say it's a great place to live and 47 percent of residents enjoy working here.

This year's results showed that traffic flow and infrastructure management is no longer considered a very high priority.

Even though the public safety department had the highest satisfactory rating, the public agreed there needs to be a better effort to prevent crime, or more education among residents.

"The time of the Citizen Survey always comes at about the time the council is looking at the budgetary process. So it's a great too for the council to look at to see what the citizens are looking for," says Mayor Bill Ham.

Over 700 families were surveyed in a one month term.

Tatham says the next challenge for Auburn will be to figure out how to remain on top.

"The resident who thinks things are fine typically doesn't show up and if you don't hear from them then they may not make decisions that are in the best interest of the City," says Tatham.

For the full report visit www.auburnalabama.org.

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