Be There: Clip improvement plan helps students retain knowledge during summer

(WTVM) - In just two days, the school year will come to an end for Muscogee County students.

Statistics show students can lose two to three months of knowledge during the summer, according to Child Research.

But did you know learning aids are available for students to use at home?

For example, a handheld electronic skills game teaches students language arts which is one of many teaching tools made available through federal funds in Muscogee County schools.

"It gives them study opportunity, and then it gives them a chance to test their knowledge, as well as to play other lessons and in the different parts of speech," stated Communications Director Valerie Fuller.

There are also other resources like laptops, flash cards and workbooks students can use at home. The concept is all part of "Clip," the district- wide comprehensive LEA improvement plan.

Fuller also said feedback from nine out of 10 parents in the district indicate they'd like to see tutoring services or student help.

The district is preparing to hold its annual federally mandated Clip meeting. Parents are encouraged to attend to give their input on the resources they need to help their child succeed in the classroom.

The Clip meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 27, at the Board of Education Center boardroom on Macon Road from 6 to 7 p.m.

To inquire about checking out study materials for your child, contact the school or the district's Title 1 office.

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