Woman claims use of excessive force against Phenix City police

Woman claims use of excessive force against Phenix City police

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Elizabeth Coty-Green says a Phenix City police officer came to her home with her daughter-in-law demanding Coty-Green and her husband to allow the young woman to collect her belongings.

When she refused, she says the officer got violent and left her beaten like here in this very graphic video. Coty-Green tells us this is the result of trying to stop the police officer from coming into her home without her permission. Once her husband was handcuffed across the room she says the bizarre incident went from bad to worse.

"He put a handcuff on this wrist and slung me down to the floor right here in my corridor. At that time, I had dialed, with my cell phone 911 and I say 'record all this ma'am. Do you have it recorded?' She says 'I'm recording.' And I had my arm up like this, he pulled the arm and I pulled it back. He pulled it again and he just, on his knees with me laying on the floor, he just cocked back and hit me dead in the eye," she explains.

Coty-Green says she went to the medical center for treatment where she says authorities told her to turn herself in. When she went to do so, Coty-Green tells us she faced felony charges for resisting arrest, assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct.

We have taken these concerns to Phenix City Police Chief, Ray Smith, who tells us the department is taking this complaint seriously and it could take several weeks to complete their investigation.

News Leader 9 is still working to answer several unanswered questions about this incident including the process and procedures behind use of excessive force complaints. We have also requested a copy of the incident report and are trying to get a copy of the 911 tape as well.

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