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Georgia attorney general takes stand on gun law loophole debate


Interesting developments are taking place as Georgia gets closer to the day when residents can carry guns in places they never could before.

Now Georgia's attorney general, Sam Olens, is responding to claims that guns will also be allowed in schools due to a technicality.

By now, we've heard many times that on July 1, House Bill 60 will allow ordinary Georgia residents with a permit-to-carry to bring concealed firearms into churches and bars, but not schools.

Now, some very keen-eyed attorneys at the gun rights group,, say the wording of a different bill called H.B. 826 appears to contradict the part about the schools.

At issue is a line that was crossed out of the old law which stated in very clear terms that a person would need to be picking up or dropping off a student at the school to be considered an exception. argues that taking out those words opens the door for anyone to legally carry a gun at school even though House Bill 60 says you can't.

So what happens when two laws have contradictory language?  Which one do you follow?

The state attorney general answered today, saying it is which ever one was signed most recently.

In this case that's House Bill 60, which was signed a day after House Bill 826. That means no guns are allowed at school unless you're a trained professional with permission from the district.  

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