The Campus at Columbus holds first graduation ceremony

The Campus at Columbus holds first graduation ceremony

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An innovative take on education had its first graduation Friday.

The Campus at Columbus, located on Moon Road,  is a new k-through-12 private school here in the Fountain City that prides itself on teaching "from the student, out."

The school takes the needs of each student and designs a custom educational plan just for them.

This was the first school year for the campus, and it proved to be a successful one.

"We recognize that students are our clients. Their parents are our clients," said Evelyn M. Plott, founder of The Campus at Columbus. "So, if a parent comes in and says 'I need for my child to receive this,' we would either explain to the parent why that is not best and challenge that if necessary. But most of the time we just accommodate what the parent believes the need to be."

Christian Vann is the Campus at Columbus' first high school graduate.

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