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Valid ID now required for Alabama voters

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New voter ID requirements are in effect for Alabama voters who now need to make sure to bring a valid photo ID to the polls.

Voters can use any of the following forms of valid ID at their polling place: a driver's license, a non-driver ID, an Alabama photo ID, a state or federal issue ID including student or employee IDs at the federal- state- county-or municipal level, a passport, and a military or tribal ID.

Having the correct address on the ID is also important, because the polling place may have changed. Voters who go to the wrong polling place will be allowed to cast votes using a provisional ballot.

According to the Alabama election website, a voter who does not have a valid form of ID at the polls will be allowed to vote if two election officials can positively identify the voter as the person on the poll list. The election officials will have to sign a sworn affidavit saying so.

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