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Doctors warn against buying breast milk online


It's a website where you can find just about anything for sale - kids' toys, baby clothes and even breast milk.

Some say it's as valuable as liquid gold. A quick search online and you will see the black market for breast milk is booming, but doctors are warning that this is not the way to go about getting it.

"Not recommended at all," said Dr. Casey Tramp. "It's just not safe to buy it on Craigslist."

It's something Tramp never really thought she would have to warn against.

Tramp, a family practice doctor with the Research Medical Center residency program said for whatever reason someone got the idea to sell their milk online and it stuck.

"It's becoming more and more popular for people to sell breast milk because it's really expensive to buy it from a breast milk bank," she said.

Online the going rate for an ounce of breast milk was $2 with some offering discounts when you buy their entire supply. Tramp said the reason it's more expensive when buying from a breast milk bank is because the mothers and the milk have been screened. When buying online there's no guarantee what you are giving your child.

"Risk of infection, you could get alcohol in their system and there's no way to tell that, they could be on prescription drugs or taking other illegal drugs. All of those pass through breast milk," she said.

Serious viruses like HIV and Hepatitis B and C also pass through breast milk. It's like playing Russian roulette with a baby's health.

Some sellers insist they are drug and disease free, but even with medical records Tramp said it's a bad idea. Whether someone doesn't want to breastfeed or they can't for whatever reason, Tramp said a breast milk bank should be the only place to turn for people who want breast milk.

KCTV5 reached out to a few of the moms behind the online posts, but have not heard back.

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