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Task Force provides meals for senior citizens in Russell County


One meal a day, five days a week, the Russell County Senior Citizens Task Force delivers meals to the homes of those who need help preparing or getting food.

Jack Sanders, Treasurer of Task Force for Senior Citizens says, "A lot of these people have family members/care takers in the house, but they're working. So, during the week they need a meal."

Each week, dozens of volunteers meet at Summerville Baptist Church to pick up food delivered by Feed The Valley, and take it to the homes of senior citizens who qualify for the assistance.

"It started off with one meal in 1982, and we increased over the years till we were delivering as many as 48 meals a day, five days a week," says Sanders.

Currently delivering 22 plates a week, Sanders says the operation costs approximately $2,000 a month.

"In paying the cost, we have funds that are donations from churches, or donations from individuals, and of course, the recipient is required to pay a portion," Sanders explains.

The Task Force purchases the meals for four dollars a plate. The recipient then pays three dollars for their plate, and to have it dropped off by volunteers like Glen Anderson.

"So many of them, I know, are younger than I am, but are in a lot worse physical condition,"  He says.

Anderson has been volunteering with the Task Force for 10 years. Delivering for the organization in three routes throughout the city. He says, the service provides sustenance and company for recipients.

"A lot of them might not see anybody that day except me, or whoever's delivering the meal," Anderson explains.

He says his motivation for continuing to give his time is simple, and it's one the officers for the Task Force all agree with: "I just hope that one of these days somebody might do that for me."

To learn more about the Russell County Task Force for Senior Citizens, contact Jack Sanders at 334.297.6290.

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