WTVM 6/6/14 Editorial: Food insecurity in the Chattahoochee Valley

(WTVM) - The temperatures tell us summer is here—a time when many of us enjoy backyard barbecues or picnics where the food is plentiful and no one ever leaves hungry.

But there is another side to summer.

It's also a time when food insecurity is felt most acutely by the 85,000 people in our area living below the poverty line, and experience hunger or lack of enough nutritious food.

As many as one in five of them are children, according to the latest Agriculture Department study, and in African American households it, could be as many as one in three.

Those numbers are simply unacceptable.

Luckily, Feeding the Valley, along with many concerned businesses who support their efforts, don't take the summer off.

One special program is food4kids Backpack Buddies, which fills backpacks full of food items to fight weekend hunger in children who usually rely on school for their best meals.

During the summer, the backpack buddies program, part of Feeding the Valley, makes sure the flow of food continues to those in need.

Twenty-thee Muscogee County Schools also serve breakfast and lunch throughout the summer.

Click here for a complete list of the schools, along with information on other food resources in the Chattahoochee Valley area.

Feeding the Valley always needs your help—perhaps more so now than during Thanksgiving when food donation drives seem to be everywhere. So, when you're firing up the barbecue next time, remember the kids who need our help, and ask yourself what you can bring to the table.

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