Columbus woman carjacked makes an appeal to her assailants

Columbus woman carjacked makes an appeal

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus woman ambushed in her own driveway makes an appeal to the ones who carjacked her.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles spoke one-on-one with the victim Monday afternoon during an exclusive interview.

She spoke compelling words to the two young men she says saw her as a victim of opportunity.

"You don't want to go this way - this life of crime," explained Dorothy Hadley. "You can start over and become somebody because there's a king in each one of you. All of these who are committing theses crimes, there's a king in you, God has a plan for each and every one of you."

Hadley recalled being a little fearful but held her composure.

"In my mind, I was saying 'Lord please don't let them shoot me."

With two guns pointed at her, the 66-year-old mother and grandmother showed me how the perpetrators came up behind her car as she drove into her driveway on Flintlock Drive in east Columbus.

"The second one came with the gun pointed at me; he said 'drop your keys, get out of the car."

Hadley, a retired school teacher from Alabama, says she did just as the men said. She waited as the men drove off in her gray, 2010 Hyundai Elantra.

"He said if I did what he said, he wouldn't hurt me."

The men took her purse, cell phone and even her black bag with her bible inside.

She said she'd just returned from church around 11:30 Friday night when she was ambushed.

"I went to my neighbor's house and banged on the door and I told them what had happened and I sat down and I started thanking God for sparing my life."

Hadley also says she couldn't get a good look at the men. Both wore bandanas over their faces and they appeared to be in their late teens to early twenties. They stood about 5 feet 6 inches tall.

If you see her gray Hyundai Elantra, give police a call at 706-653-3400.

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