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Retired Army officer: 'I'm getting more than I gave'

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While most military veterans are happy to receive as many benefits as possible for their service, one retired Army officer is telling the world that he isreceiving way more than he gave for is service to the country.

Tom Slear retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel in2001, and writes in a Washington Post Opinions article that he was never indanger while in service.

"I never fired a weapon other than training, and I spent no time in a combat zone," he writes.

Slear says that an agreement in last year's national budget—which included atrim of one percent in the cost-of-living increase in military retirement payfor those under 62—distinguished disabled retirees, exempting them from the cut. While many veteran interestgroups refused to abide by that distinction, Slear believes the agreement wasreasonable.

"In this time of excessiveexpenditures for government pensions, wouldn't a very small decrease in pay tomilitary retirees be reasonable, particularly during the period of their liveswhen they are fully capable of civilian employment?" He writes.

Slear does not go as far as to say he doesn't deserve benefits at all, clarifying that support positions are still very important, and the sacrifices he did make are still worth something.

He concludes, "But budgetdeficits are tilting America toward financial malaise. Our electedrepresentatives will have to summon the courage to confront the costs ofbenefits and entitlements and make hard choices. Some 'no' votes when it comesto our service members and, in particular, military retirees will be necessary.We can afford it."

Read Slear's full opinion article here.

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