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EXCLUSIVE: Lumpkin officials call for council member's resignation as racial tension mounts


The Stewart County chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. called for a Lumpkin council member to turn in her resignation as racial tensions mount. 

"Such egregious behavior can not, should not and will not be tolerated from our local government officials," said President of the Stewart County N.A.A.C.P. Reverend Alfonza Seldon. 

Seldon called for action against a city council member accused of bigotry at a press conference Tuesday morning. 

"Councilwoman at large Deborah Stone should publicly apologize to Mayor Charles Gibson and we're asking for her immediate resignation for using the n-word," Rev. Seldon added.

In a three-page report filed with the Lumpkin police department, Debbie Stone was accused of calling the town's first African American mayor, Charles Gibson, a racial slur while speaking to the cities newly appointed fire chief Steve Jordan. 

"Being new at the fire department I didn't want to be involved in this political mess," Jordan claimed.

Jordan said he was used to tough situations working as a firefighter for over 14 years. But shortly into his new job as the Fire Chief of the Lumpkin Fire Department he says he was put into an even tougher situation.

"Being new at the department I couldn't believe that she would say something like that to me," Jordan said.

We went Stone's home on House Avenue, but neighbors tell us she went out of town. We have also been unable to contact her by phone. 

Mayor Gibson says he supports the decision to ask Stone to resign. 

"It's 2014, we're trying to move away from that. It seems as though some people continue to bring it back and try to make it stay here," Gibson said.

The N.A.A.C.P. said if Stone does not resign, they plan to request a voter recall, which would allow voters to make the decision. 

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