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Auburn City Schools encouraging drug free lifestyle with Project Independent Decision


Project Independent Decision, or Project ID, is helping students of the Auburn City School system steer clear of drugs.

Seventh through twelfth graders sign up for this project, which includes a series of random drug tests, and if they do not test positive for drugs, they become eligible for rewards.

"We strive for about 70 percent of our students to be a part of that. The parents have been very supportive. It gives our students one more reason, if they need another reason, to say no to drugs," explains Auburn City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Karen DeLano.

The ID program is voluntary and students may discontinue the program, with written parental request, at any time.

The program began in 2003, and during that time the school system has averaged about 80 partnerships with businesses in the area who give incentives to students when they show their school ID.

"We do have a problem in our society with the use of substances, and I would never say to anybody that we don't have cases that we need to work on, and continue to educate our children, but I'm very pleased with the results that we've have seen, and I don't think we have an unusual problem in our city," says DeLano.

The purpose of the program is to reward positive, healthy behaviors and students who are taking prescribed medications are encouraged to participate.

School officials say they have had very few students test positive for drugs over the years.

They say parents have been more than supportive of the program, and are hoping to expand the program overtime.

"We've had no complaints to my knowledge. So it has been very successful and we hope it will continue to accomplish was its goal is to help students to say no to drugs," explains DeLano.

Families wishing to sign their child up for Project ID can fill out a form at Drake Middle School, Auburn Junior High School, Auburn High School, or the Central Office on Samford Ave.

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