200 new jobs coming to Valley, Ala.

200 new jobs coming to Valley, Ala.

VALLEY, AL (WTVM) - Two hundred new jobs are on the way to Valley, Alabama.

KMIN, USA announced plans to invest more than $17 million into the community.

The auto supplier is revamping part of the old Fairfaix textile mill and is set to begin production late this year.

News Leader 9's Elizabeth White has more on how to apply for a job and why the auto industry is turning around an area once devastated by textile layoffs.

This jobs announcement is great news for Chambers County. The sounds of construction symbolize a rebirth at the old Fairfax mill complex on Towel Drive.

Over the next five months, the 300,000-square foot facility that used to produce textiles will be retooled and renovated to make room for a new auto-supplier and jobs.

"The company's name is KMIN USA, INC," said Valley mayor Leonard Riley. "This will be their first USA plant, they are a tier 2 supplier and they will be investing $17 million into one of the old mill complexes we have in Fairfax and will provide up to 200 new jobs over a three-year period."

City leaders are pleased KMIN decided to renovate the existing mill building that shut down when the textile industry moved overseas, devastating the Chambers County economy.

At one point, textiles employed 12,000 workers in the area, but by 2007, all the jobs were gone and the area faced a 20 percent unemployment.

The auto industry has breathed new life into the area. Dozens of auto suppliers helped chambers reach a 6.3 unemployment.

The Mayor says city leaders are dedicated to creating a business-friendly area by offering incentive packages to KMIN and other businesses.

KMIN is on a fast track to get production up and running by November.

They are searching for skilled workers for stamping and welding manufacturing positions. You can apply by contacting the Chambers County Development Authority at (334) 642-1412.

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