Getting to know Phenix City's new superintendent

Getting to know Phenix City's new superintendent

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Randy Wilkes says the school board reached out to him just last week about the superintendent position. After not being interviewed or indentified publicly, I sat down with Wilkes on Wednesday to find out who Randy Wilkes is and what his plans are for Phenix City Schools.

"Terribly excited about being the superintendent of Phenix City schools beginning July 1," is how new Phenix City Superintendent, Randy Wilkes, says he's feeling after landing the job.

Wilkes has served as the Superintendent of Crenshaw County Schools since 2011. A graduate of Troy University for his bachelors and Auburn University for his Masters. Wilkes has already developed a game plan for Phenix City Schools.

"Number one, we want to develop relationships with all the stake holders in the community. That's first and foremost. Beyond that, we need to start looking at data as far as student achievement for the last several years. We need to ready the curriculum for students to return to school. We need to make sure that we have a safe, healthy learning environment," Wilkes explains.

An environment Wilkes says the school board worked to create in Crenshaw County, boasting a graduation rate of 96 percent he tells us. Wilkes hints that there are several programs Crenshaw County used that could make their way to Phenix City with him along with his ability to write and receive grants.

"Sixty grants we received in Crenshaw County for $4.7 million. Initiated an iLearn technology initiative where every student in grades 8-12 had their own take home electronic device," he adds.

With a start date less than a month away, Wilkes says he's leaning on the staff and residents of the city to fulfil his new role.

"No one person can do it by themselves," Wilkes said. "It will take a collective effort of everyone working together as a team to provide the very best possible education for our students."

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