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Auburn Police Division to implement E-Citation Program


The head rest of every patrol car in Auburn will soon be equipped with a small printer.

The goal is to issue citations more efficiently.

"The E-Citation Program, a state run program, in which the officers are given the equipment inside the patrol vehicle in order to electronically issue traffic citations rather than handwriting them," explains Captain Will Mathews of the Auburn Police Division.

The information is immediately transferred to the state and local court systems.

Officers are able to print the ticket in the patrol car, offering a cleaner, easy to read copy for the citizen that they don't even have to sign.

"It's a safer way for the officers to conduct a traffic stop on the side of the road because they have card scanners for the licenses so instead of having to sit there and copy the information from the driver's license to a paper citation word for word, they can just slide the drivers license," says Mathews.

Mathews says it will cost about $50,000 to implement the E-Citation program with printers, card readers and a GPS antenna into 45 patrol vehicles.

The program was developed in 2002 and issued to municipalities in 2007.

The Auburn Police Division has been testing the system in two patrol cars for months and believes it to be a proven success.

"We decided not to go to it initially to give it time for all the bugs to be worked out," explains Mathews, "We're in a position now where we think it's the right thing to do for both our patrol officers and out court system to become more efficient."

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