WTVM 6/13/14 Editorial: Mayor responds to criminal activity

WTVM 6/13/14 Editorial: Mayor responds to criminal activity

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is doing what a good leader does when violent crime decreases the quality of life: she is evaluating whether to close two notorious strip clubs on the city's south side.

Both the Foxy Lady and Club Carousel have been places where shootings and other crimes occur.

In the latest case, a soldier from Ft. Benning was shot in the back.

It would be easy to say more police patrols might help; though in truth, no amount of police officers can stop every crime, every time. But it may just turn out that the tools the Mayor has available may prove to be more effective than a badge.

The Mayor and city council can act to take away the strip clubs' liquor licenses or business licenses and shut them, even condemn the properties down if criminal patterns are firmly established.

The city shut down Club Majestic in similar circumstances.

It's never easy for a city that wants and needs thriving businesses to look at shutting down any legal establishment. The owners should receive plenty of time to remedy the problem themselves, installing security measures of their own to protect their customers, employees and property.

But if the owners and the patrons can't play by the rules and keep themselves safe, the city may have no choice but to act swiftly.

It's the right thing for the Mayor and council to do.

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