WTVM 6/13/14 Editorial: School shootings since Sandy Hook

WTVM 6/13/14 Editorial: School shootings since Sandy Hook

(WTVM) - You've probably heard the alarming story that 74 school shootings happened since the massive tragedy at Sandy Hook.

But as with many stories related to gun violence, that statistic gathered by the group "Everytown For Gun Safety" turns out to be misleading.

Here's why: dozens of the shootings the group classifies as "school shootings" were not killings inside a school as one investigative reporter named Charles Johnson discovered.

For instance, one shooting included in the number was the result of a drug deal near Morehouse College according to Atlanta police.

Another shooting in Atlanta near Grady High School happened when a teenager accidentally shot herself in the thigh, according to police.

In California, a 19-year-old was shot and killed in a field behind an Alameda County School after an argument over a dice game.

And in yet another incident in Maine, a 19-year-old's suicide in a high school parking lot was also classified as a "school shooting".

These are all tragedies of course; sad and deplorable... and we must constantly be on guard for anyone who would threaten students with guns.

But to lump incidents like these together with Sandy Hook, where 20 children and six adults died in 2012, is unfair and irresponsible.

What is responsible is for citizens to be smart: lock up your guns. Keep ammunition locked in a separate place.

Talk to your kids at every age, so you know what they're thinking and can help them deal with life without ever resorting to violence.

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