Keep your cool in the summer heat

Keep your cool in the summer heat

(WTVM) - A three letter word basically sums up the weather: "HOT." You can feel the heat the moment you step outside.

But of course, there are certain steps you can take to help protect your body from overheating.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles was out in the elements today getting some safety measures against the sizzling temperatures.

With temperatures hotter than 90 degrees Monday, it didn't take long to break a sweat. Health care experts say the biggest concern is with babies and the elderly when it comes to heat exhaustion.

"They cannot communicate to you when they're thirsty," said Dr. Ella Amador of MyCare Urgent Care on Blackmon Road in Columbus.

Dr. Amador recommends you drink plenty of water, between eight to 10 glasses a day or even more depending on your body.

When your body overheats, the main concern is avoiding a heat stroke.

"You tend to breathe harder, your heart tends to race or elevate, your heart rate tends to elevate, your blood pressure tends to be affected in that extreme of temperature," said Dr. Amador. "When you're having a heat stroke, all the systems break down."

Organ damage is also a major concern in extreme heat exposure. Dr. Amador said your lungs, muscles and kidneys could all be injured during a heat stroke-- requiring immediate medical attention.

For construction workers, there's no escaping the heat. We stopped by a renovation site on Macon Road near the K-mart to see how they're beating the heat.

"We take 15 minute intervals, get in the shade, get hydrated and go back to work," stated Scott Brigham with J Holcomb Construction of Columbus.

Dr. Amador recommends an SPF of 30 when you're in the sun. She also said don't apply the cream only once, but every two to three hours while you're in the heat.

"You keep your shirt on, you sweat, the wind blows a little bit, it will cool you off and plenty of this {water}, and I supply my guys with plenty of water. When they get hot, I tell them to get down, sit down and take a drink of water before they go back to work," added Robert Fox, of Cowart Enterprises Inc., of Opelika.

So remember, to play it safe while in the heat.

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