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Columbus woman warns against fake lottery check scam


A Columbus woman wants to warn people after her money was almost stolen by thieves trying to trick her with a fake check.

Sandra Gardner explained how she got a letter in the mail informing her she won $125,000, but in order to get the full amount she had to cash a check that was enclosed for almost $4,000. The check was supposedly to pay taxes.

Gardner was excited because she thought the money could help her family, but then she realized this may be lie.

She was right, according to Leonard Crain with the Better Business Bureau.

"They'll be asking you to send them some money back and if you do that you're going to lose your money," said Crain.

That's exactly what a letter Gardner received was asking her to do.

The letter states that she won $125,000 through the International Shoppers Lotto Powerball, but in order to get the full $125,000 she needed to deposit this check to pay the taxes.

That's when Gardner knew something wasn't right.

"At first I was disappointed and then I got angry because somebody who isn't tech savvy and doesn't think about it and just sees the numbers, they are thinking they got all of this money," Gardner said. "They take it to the bank and the bank does accept the check. They cash it and use the money for whatever, then 10 days they are told it's a bounced check."

Since Gardner plays lottery games on the Internet often, she thought she was a winner.

Now she's glad she was cautious and contacted the Better Business Bureau and she wants others to do the same so crooks won't win the jackpot.

The Better Business Bureau said this type of check scam happens all of the time so be careful.

Remember, the first step to stopping the thieves is calling the police and Better Business Bureau to report it.

Click this link to visit the Better Business Bureau's website.

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