Ways to beat the heat in Phenix City

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - With temperatures already in the 90s and students out of school, some east Alabama families are trying to stay cool.

Phenix City has several watering spots like the Idle Hour Splash Park to keep folks cool, and families say they enjoy taking advantage of each public location at little to no cost this summer.

"Part of summer is getting wet and playing video games and having fun," says Caleb Pasmart.

Phenix City has provided resources for Caleb and others to do get wet and have fun. The city has two new splash parks. One at Idle Hour Park and the other at Sandfort Park to help whole families beat the heat free of charge. Both parks are connected to playgrounds. It's an investment parents call money well spent.

"It's nice. The parents can walk around with them," said Emily Perez, a parent enjoying the pads. "You can see them well. They can't get out of your sight. They did a really good job. I really enjoy it and so do my kids."

The city also has two public swimming pools, that do have an admission cost of two or three bucks. But the youngsters seem to agree that the splash pads are a worthy addition to their city.

"Some people can't afford to swim and stuff and go to water parks," said Len Street, one of the splashers. "And I think it's just good that it's free."

One pad at a time splashing their worries away, all ages and walks of life come together to enjoy the refreshing streams of water being sprinkled and dumped on them. I caught up with one woman who shared her gratitude through a smile.

"I thank God that we have a water park for the kids to play. I thank Public Works for giving us this opportunity to come out here and have fun with our kids," Tiffany Johnson explained.

The splash parks like the one at Idle Hour Park or at Sandfort Road Park are open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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