Fallen trees and power lines leave hundreds in Columbus without power

Fallen trees and power lines leave hundreds in Columbus without power

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - This is not the aftermath of an overnight storm. Folks along Florida Drive and Crowell Drive say they heard a loud boom, then felt what seemed like an earthquake. Moments later, they came outside to find this.

Eddie Black, who had fallen power lines in his front yard explains "this big limb had done fell down on the power line on the other side, down the street from the house."

Blowing the transformer and causing near by utility poles to snap. And on this seemingly storm-less, windless day, it's a sight the family calls awkwardly unfamiliar.

Mrs. Eddie Black adds "wood poles were snapped like a force of wind or something. I know I never seen nothing like it before in my life."

A spokesman for Georgia Power tells us the large limb falling broke two wooden utility poles and cut power to 90 homes in the surrounding areas. And the Black family says the sights and sounds are all too familiar.

Black tells us "a whole lot of trees do snap around here."

By noon, Georgia Power crews were able to isolate the problem and restore power to all of the homes affected. Leaving this family thankful things didn't get any worse.

Black warns "anybody could've been out cutting grass or anything and not knowing what happened at that moment, present time. And just like that fast it could've happened."

That family and others affected by this morning's power outage say they want something done about the frequent snapping trees in their area.Urging property owners to survey the trees to save time and money.

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