News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles investigates tenant's complaints

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles investigates tenant's complaints

COLUMBUS GA - On Sunday morning, Cyntina Johnson, a single mother of two children, says while cooking breakfast she noticed a brown spot in her kitchen ceiling. She immediately called for maintenance at her Hunter Haven Apartment at Hunter and Floyd Roads in east Columbus.

"He came out and cut a little portion of the ceiling and said it will not going spread as bad," explained Johnson.

But by Wednesday, the leak had created a huge hole in the ceiling, causing Cyntina and her kids to temporarily move in with her mom. Meanwhile, Cyntina said she felt that her complaints were being ignored by management. She then reached out to others for help.

On Tuesday, she called the Columbus Department of Inspections and Codes. Director Greg Coates told News Leader 9 an inspector went out to the property and informed management that the damage had to be repaired within 45 days.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles went to investigate the situation on Wednesday after receiving a call from Cyntina's family. Cyntina showed us the damage that not only included the hole in the kitchen, but mold around her bedroom window sill and a hole in the bathroom ceiling, problems she said that have been in existence for months without repair.

We also spoke to the manager at Hunter Haven. He refused to comment about the situation. But he did give us the name and number to the owners, Southern Development Management Company. They didn't respond to our calls.

A few hours after leaving the complex, we were informed by Cyntina's family that the much-needed repairs were underway. News Leader 9 went back out to see the repairs in progress. We're told it will take a few days for the project to be completed. In the meantime, Cyntina is looking forward to returning to her home.

If you have problems with your landlord not fixing the property, you can call the inspections and codes department as a possible recourse. If they find that the property does not meet minimum standards as outlined in the International Council of Property Maintenance, the will give the landlord 45 days to fix the problem. Landlords, who fail to meet the deadline, will receive a court citation.

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