First case of chikungunya confirmed in GA

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(WTVM) - The CDC has confirmed the first case chikungunya in Georgia. The Georgia resident was infected with the disease after traveling to a Caribbean nation.

Chikungunya is a virus that spreads through mosquito bites. It is not spread through human-to-human contact.

There is no known cure, however the disease is not often deadly.

The most common symptoms of chikungunya are fever and severe joint pain, especially in the hands and feet. Other symptoms may include headache, muscle pain, joint swelling or rash. Symptoms usually begin three to seven days after being bitten by an infected mosquito, with most patients feeling better within a week. Joint pain can persist for months.

Travelers who go to islands in the Caribbean are at risk of getting chikungunya. In addition, travelers to Africa, Asia, and islands in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific are at risk, as the virus is present in many of these areas. Mosquitoes that carry chikungunya virus bite during the day and at night, indoors and outdoors, and often live around buildings in urban areas.

So far, the CDC has confirmed 60 cases of chikungunya in the United States.

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