Eric Dore, 37 (Photo credit: Muscogee County Sheriff's Office)
Eric Dore, 37 (Photo credit: Muscogee County Sheriff's Office)

(WTVM) - Muscogee County sheriff deputies need your help tracking down a man on the run.

News Leader 9's Semone Doughton has a profile of the suspect in this week's Most Wanted.

Muscogee County Sheriff officials are on the lookout for 37-year old Eric Dore. Originally charged with first degree forgery, Dore has landed himself in trouble with the law again by breaking his probation.

According to Muscogee County Sheriff Deputy Jeffrey Hackey, police have come close to catching Dore but he managed to give them the slip at a Columbus Hospital.

"Mr. Dore was spotted at St. Francis. I want to say last week sometime, when we went over to make contact with him he ran," said Hackey. "So he knows he has a warrant from us."

Hackey says Dore's last known address is off Eagle Drive in Midland. Unfortunately there are no signs of him there now.

Dore stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. Police believe his appearance may have changed to help hide his identity.

"He may have grown his hair out a bit. He may have facial hair, he very well may have. He's still not a very difficult person to spot. even if you are not sure if that's him or not, if he looks remotely like him you need to give us a call."

So take a good look at Eric Dore and help police bring his days on the run to an end.

Police need any information you can offer them regarding the whereabouts of Eric Dore.

Just call (706) 653-4225 if you can help police locate Dore. Remember, your identity will remain anonymous.

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