City of Opelika to undergo traffic studies for two exits off I-85

The City of Opelika is hoping the interchanges off Interstate-85 at exits 60 and 62 will receive an upgrade in the near future after traffic studies are performed.

"Exits 60 and 62 are the heart of Opelika. They're the corridors that lead to downtown, they're the ones that everybody has known for many years and they have not advanced over the years," explains Opelika City Engineer, Scott Parker.

The interchanges at Columbus Parkway and Marvin Parkway have not been touched since they were originally constructed in the 1960s.

They were designed and built for the capacity and needs of that time, but with the volume of vehicles and increased speed, the City believes something needs to be done for public health and safety.

The Opelika City Council approved the studies to be performed by the engineering firm of Goodwyn Mill and Cawood for just over $69,000.

The study will analyze the safety of the interchanges, the traffic counts, and the crash data for the next three to six months.

"We want to identify that the number of vehicles traveling through that interchange and on that interchange are more than it can handle. I think it's obvious, but we need documented poof the traffic capacity is more than the interchange can handle," says Parker.

In other Opelika road improvement news, Frederick Road is becoming more bearable to travelers.

After the north side of the road was built up and paved, workers have now moved to the southern portion of the road.

The nearly $5 million project began in February of 2013 and is projected to be completed next February.

"The City Administration is very positive as far as promoting and funding these necessary projects that are going to help protect our citizens, the public and the traveling commerce," explains Parker.

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