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Police investigate five home break-ins in Eastern Henrico neighborhood


Neighbors in an eastern Henrico neighborhood are taking action, after break-ins at five homes.

It started in mid-May at homes in the Glen Lea area between Mechanicsville Turnpike and East Laburnum Avenue.

Some neighbors say they're keeping an extra eye out for anybody that looks suspicious; another person told NBC12 he is now attending the neighborhood crime watch meetings.  Very little information is available concerning these crimes, but victims said the thieves are taking items they can grab quickly like cash and items they can sell.

It's been several weeks since his home was broken into, but Granville Atkinson is still traumatized.

"I sit up all night, waiting for them to come back," says Atkinson.  He says his dog, Abby, came face to face with the thieves.

"They kicked my little dog. She was favoring her side. Normally she doesn't do that," he said.

The house was only left empty for about 24 hours while Atkinson took his wife to the emergency room.  It happened while they were gone.

"They took a brick, broke through the glass, came in, stole a generator, stole some laptops,"  he said.  "I feel violated."

The Atkinsons aren't the only victims.  According to Henrico Police, since the middle of May, break-ins happened a few blocks away on Kawneer Drive, McDonald and Carpenter Roads and Parlow Drive.  The break-ins are similar, the thieves swoop in when the victims aren't home.  Four of the incidents happened during the day.

"The main thing is people have to keep their eyes open, look and don't be afraid to call [police]," says Jarvis Taylor, the neighborhood crime watch block captain for Parlow Drive.

He says the break-in on this street happened while the homeowner was on vacation, but she didn't ask her neighbors to watch her house.  Now people living around here say they are looking out for each other constantly.

This neighborhood will hold their Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting on July 7 at the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center.  It's open for anyone to attend.

A suspect description was not yet available from Henrico Police by the time this story aired.

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