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Georgia launches program to prepare for lightning strikes


The rolling thunder often comes with a flash of lighting.

With lightning at nearly 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, Emergency Management workers say being prepared can keep you from being struck in the face of severe weather.

Columbus Emergency Management Director Riley Land explains, "We know it's going to happen. It's going to happen numerous times during each summer, and it can happen quickly. Summer storms can pop up, really, before you know it."

Land suggests downloading a mobile application to your smart phone, such as the WTVM weather app, to keep you and your family aware of what's going on, and where severe weather is happening.

The Ready Georgia campaign also has an upgraded mobile app for Android and iPhone. The app includes severe weather in the area nearest you and emergency alerts by GPS, a checklist of emergency supplies, a map of open shelters and access to live traffic maps.

Land says whether you choose the Georgia Ready app or another of your liking, staying informed can keep you and your family ready.

"If you're well prepared and well informed, you're going to be safer. It just stands to reason," Land adds.

To learn more about the Georgia Ready campaign or how you can download the mobile app head to

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