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When will the Brown Ave. Bridge be open again?


The Georgia Department of Transportation is not done trying to replace a dangerous bridge in Columbus.

Construction on the Brown Ave. bridge began on March 15th, 2013. Now, dirt, stones, and more construction workers still litter the 65 year-old bridge, a year and a half into the project.

Columbus City Planning Department coordinator Felton Grant says the project is on schedule.

"They're about 60 percent complete," Grant informs.
Last May, the project was put on hold due to birds nesting under the overpass. Officials said the birds would not affect the completion date.    

"The weather probably bothered them more than the birds did. We're still on schedule. We're planning to be finished by May 2015," says Grant.

Previous weight restriction of only 3 tons hindered anything other than pedestrians and cars to use the bridge. Grant says the new $8.4 million bridge will be able to support more weight, allowing any type of transportation to cross over. 

"The new bridge will be a two-lane bridge," says Grant. "So, a wider bridge with sidewalks."

Each year, a state-wide test is done on all bridges. They test the ones in our area and give a detailed report on what improvements need to be made to keep the bridge's up to code. 

Brown Ave. bridge was the most deficient, according to Grant. 

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