Radio announcer releases new educational children's book

Radio announcer releases new educational children's book
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(WTVM) - Radio announcer and voice actor Edgar Buchanan has released a brand new children's book called Cool Beans that teaches children about the power and strength in numbers.

You can purchase your copy of Cool Beans at or on Amazon.

Buchanan will be in the WTVM studio Thursday morning to tell us more about his mission to inspire all kids.


About the Author:

Edgar Buchanan aka Edgar Champagne is a professional radio announcer, and voice actor that has entertained listeners in all formats of radio for over 35 years. Currently he is a self-published author that has three character education children's books Not a Bad Apple, Not a Bad Apple listening and Cool Beans on Amazon books store website.

He was born in Hattiesburg Ms., has prior military service in the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam era, and two highlights from his radio career are introduced Rick James and Prince on the same stage, and recently grabbed a photo with Chairman of AFLAC Dan Amos, and Entertainer Talk show host John Tesh.

Edgar is married with two daughters that live with him he has three adult sons, and manages a family tax office in Fayetteville NC. His team won the 2013 Tuskegee Morehouse Golf Classic in Columbus Ga.

When he is not spending time with family you'll find him writing ideas to build self-esteem in Children, or trying to get to the golf course.

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