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RNC 2016: Cleveland vs. Dallas

It's down to two, Cleveland and Dallas. It's down to two, Cleveland and Dallas.

Everything may be bigger in Texas but there's no denying that the Buckeye State plays a big role in the election. 

Cleveland has caught the attention of the Republican National Committee. Now we are one step closer to winning the bid for the party's biggest event in 2016. 

"Ohio is a large swing state, but there's a lot more to the selection that simple political messaging," said Justin Buchler, Associate Professor of Political Science at Case Western Reserve University

Professor Buchler said the RNC is sending a message that Cleveland and Dallas can deliver but the decision will also come down to cost. 

"What kind of deals are going to be offered to the parties that will affect the cost of the convention and parties will have to manage the costs," said Prof. Buchler. 

Most cities can expect the convention price tag to be between $55-60 million. 

Another major factor is infrastructure. Both Cleveland and Dallas have arenas, convention centers, and stadiums that are fairly equal in size. 

When it comes to hotel rooms, Cleveland has more than 25,000 in the downtown area, compared to Dallas with 75,000.

The dates for the convention haven't been announced but the average July temperature in Cleveland is 82 degrees, compared to 96 degrees in Dallas. 

"With all likelihood Cleveland and Dallas offer them relatively good deals," Prof. Buchler said. 

He also said that there is no reason to think that holding a convention in Ohio will sway how the state will vote in the next general election. 

A final decision should come in the next few months. 

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