Shark’s restaurant theft suspect caught on camera turns himself in

Daryl Hasara (Photo source: Columbus Police Department)
Daryl Hasara (Photo source: Columbus Police Department)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We have new details on the suspect facing charges after being caught on camera stealing money from a customer at a local Shark's Fish and Chicken restaurant.

Daryl Hasara turned himself in to Columbus police Thursday. He is charged with theft by taking.

On Tuesday we showed you video of the suspect picking up the cash from the counter at Shark's restaurant on Wynnton Road in Columbus.

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Hasara was waiting for food at the counter of Shark's on Wynnton Road when investigators said a woman pulled cash out of an envelope to pay for her meal, but then forgot to put it back in her purse. The white envelope blended into a background of white menus, which made it easy to lose track of.

When she left the restaurant without her money, police said Hasara was faced with a decision and he made the wrong one. He was observed on camera looking back and forth and taking one last moment to think about it before he picked up the envelope and hid it in his bag of food.

Hasara agreed to turn himself in to authorities by Thursday to avoid the embarrassment of being publicly arrested. The detective on the case said Hasara understood that he did something wrong and he admitted to it right away.

We're told that Hasara has bonded out.

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