WTVM 6/27/14 Editorial: Blood drives highlight need for donations

WTVM 6/27/14 Editorial: Blood drives highlight need for donations

(WTVM) - The Fourth of July is almost upon us and the urgent need for blood donations gives new meaning to the value of Red in the red, white and blue.

We were honored to help the Red Cross recently to get the word out about donating blood.

Did you know that the 33 people who donated blood during our partnership event with The Red Cross on June 25 will play a life saving role in the lives of more than 90 patients?

They might be accident victims, or facing delicate surgery, chemotherapy patients needing transfusions or even victims of violent crime.

Steve Tennant at the Columbus Red Cross Blood Donation Center on Veterans Boulevard told me that a lot has changed about donating blood, making it easier than ever to be a lifesaver.

The medical history part of the donation has been streamlined. Donating takes about 12 minutes and is virtually painless.

Usually 8 to10 people a day donate blood at the center, but the need is greater than that, so mobile blood drives at schools, businesses and community centers help fill the need.

We have a list of upcoming blood drives at this link.

Think of blood donation as a patriotic gift this week, or any week, and give up some Red so someone in need can celebrate life!

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