10,000 job cuts possible at Ft. Benning

10,000 job cuts possible at Ft. Benning

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - As the Army continues downsizing, we're learning what troop reductions could mean for Fort Benning and this area.

A new report draws a worst-case scenario and it's not a pretty picture.

How does a $600 million impact sound to you? It could happen at Fort Benning if the deepest cuts are ordered.

An Army assessment is painting a picture of the economic impact in a worst case scenario.

The post could lose as many as 10,000 permanent positions over the next five years. Most of them are soldiers, but more than 1,200 are civilians.

That would leave a $627 million hole in the economy in income alone, and that's not counting sales taxes in both Georgia and Alabama.

Could Fort Benning be hit this hard? Could the economy survive such a blow?  Anything's possible.

After all, it's not a matter of "if" cuts are coming but rather when and how massive they'll be.

Commanding General HR McMaster was away from post on Friday and unavailable for comment.

Public affairs officer Gary Jones points out that these figures are projections only, and that no one is losing his or her job at Fort Benning anytime soon.

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