6-year-old Auburn student to interview high-tech companies at educational conference this weekend

6-year-old Auburn student to interview high-tech companies at educational conference this weekend

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Meet six-year-old Tatum, a soon to be second grader at Cary Woods Elementary School in Auburn, and technology enthusiast.

This weekend, Tatum will travel to Atlanta as a part of the Techfaster.com coverage team for the 2014 International Society for Technology in Education conference, the largest educational technology conference in the country.

"I'm going to a conference and playing with games, and at the end, I'm going to be talking about if I like them or not," says Tatum.

As special event correspondent, Tatum will conduct video interviews with educational technology companies that provide products for students in kindergarten through second grade.

"There are 1,000 exhibits in a massive hall," explains Executive Editor Kyle Sandler. "To go from booth to booth and talk to companies making products for K-2, letting Tatum try them out. She is the end user of whatever these products are, and it can be an eye opening experience for some, and some others will find that she really likes them and will resonate with lots of other kids her age."

Tatum will be interviewing a range of companies, including Google, Samsung, and HP about their educational products.

These on-camera interviews will be shared on YouTube and on Techfaster.com where millions of viewers in the education world can take a second grader's true and honest suggestions on what technology they should use in the classroom next year.

"It may give some people good feedback as to see what a second grader who hasn't been really primed thinks of their product, and they could fix it or maybe a school decides to get something based on Tatum's recommendation," says Sandler.

Tatum began reviewing and testing products for companies at age three.

And even at just age six, you could say Tatum's mission is to help children make the most of their education with today's latest technology.

"I'm going to be playing with toys to help kids build robots," says Tatum.

The International Society for Technology in Education conference will last through Tuesday, July 1.

Tatum and Sandler will post videos to www.techfaster.com starting Sunday, June 29.

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