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Some advertisements can be misleading

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Many people are checking with the experts, like ones at the Better Business Bureau, before falling for misleading advertisements.

Michele Mason, who works for the BBB, warned deception comes in all forms.

She gave an example of a paid advertisement in a local newspaper.

The ad was paid for by a company with an "F" rating by the BBB.

The company is called Procera Brain Research Labs and according to the ad it is based out of California.

They advertise a new, groundbreaking "pill" intended to improve memory.

The article stated, "In fact evidence of a genuine, clinically tested real memory pill is here now."

Mason said always check the fine print.

The article admits it's not approved by the FDA, which is something Mason said consumers should be curious about.

She said, "We would certainly like to see what the FDA says about their product"

The article also talks about a free 30-day trial, but you have to buy a month's supply before anything is free.

According to the Federal Trade Commission guidelines, unfair or misleading advertising is illegal.

There are also complaints about the company's money back guarantee.

The Better Business Bureau is still trying to track the company down for some type of response.

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