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Who can get a carry permit under the new GA Gun Laws?

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Georgia House Bill 60 has undergone many changes making it easier to obtain weapons permits.

Now, a no-contest plea is no longer considered a conviction for purposes of preventing a person from getting a carry permit. If a judge accepts a no-contest plea for a felony charge, the person who was formerly charged with that felony can obtain a concealed carry permit.

Pointing a pistol at another person is no longer a prohibited act that would require a five year waiting period. A misdemeanor drug charge, once probation has been served, no longer carries a waiting period either.

Also, individuals who serve in any military branch between the ages of 18-21 can obtain a carry permit. Anyone who is not active duty in the military, and has not completed basic training, has to be at least 21 to obtain a permit.

Under Georgia law before the changes, individuals could carry concealed without a permit if serving in active duty military.

It is also easier for people that have been adjudicated, in need of involuntary psychiatric treatment, to obtain a carry permit.

The process for renewals has changed as well. Individuals are no longer required to be fingerprinted to renew a carry permit, and the price has gone down to $35.

Muscogee County Probate Judge Marc D'Antonio says, "Most people that have concealed carry permits are lawabiding citizens. So from that perspective, I don't think it really changesanything in terms of whether or not it's made society more dangerous." 

There has been about 1,500 applications for carry permits in 2014 so far, which is consistent with 2013.

Judge D'Antonio believes there will be a increase in carry permit applications due to the new changes.

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