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Georgia Power helping keep household energy bills down this summer


As we enter one of the hottest months of the year, remember to keep an eye on your energy usage. Small adjustments around the home can make a big difference reducing your electricity bill.

Georgia Power says they understand that when energy bills jump in hot summer months, it can throw a household's finances into turmoil. That's why they invite customers who are having trouble to pay them a visit or visit their website:

Robert Watkins, from Georgia Power, says, "Some of our customers struggle, especially at this time of year with the high bills.  If they're having any issues with their power bill, I invite them to come down to our Veterans Parkway office and we'll try to make some arrangements with them."

They've also got a plan to help people who are counting on a more predictable number to fit their budget.

"Call in and say, hey, I want to go to budget billing, and you just pay an average bill.  We read the meter, we drop off the 13th month, and then you pay the average.  At the end of the year we settle up.  If we owe you money, we'll pay you.  If you owe us money, you can spread it out over your next 12 months." says Watkins.

Today was a great day to ride on the Chattahoochee River, and we found a rafter who says he keeps his bill down by programming his air to only come on at certain times.

"Getting one of those timed thermostats, where you can set it for different times of the day- definitely do that instead of keeping your house cool the entire day." says Blake Quinney, a Georgia Power customer.

If you want more ideas, Georgia Power says they'll send someone to your home for free to make recommendations specifically for you

"If a customer wants to know what they can do at their home to make it more energy efficient, we can send an energy auditor out to take a look at your specific home or business. There are also rebates out there to assist you with doing the modifications." Watkins explains.

Georgia power experts also suggest changing or cleaning your air conditioner filters regularly to keep your machines from over working. Also keeping a lid on your pots and pans while cooking will reduce the amount of heat build-up in your home, and the amount of time it takes to cook.

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