Firework safety tips for 4th of July weekend

Firework safety tips for 4th of July weekend

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - More fires are reported on the July 4th holiday than any other day of the year, and fireworks account for two out of five of those fires.

"The City of Auburn has an ordinance which does not allow the use of any type of civilian use fireworks. You can't purchase them in the city limits, and you can't discharge them in the city limits," Battalion Chief Josh Datnoff of the Auburn Fire Department.

The safest way to enjoy a fireworks display is at a community-sanctioned, licensed event.

However, if you do on plan lighting your own in the county, make sure to take extra precaution.

Read and follow all warnings and instructions, keep spectators out of range and leave fireworks to the adults.

"Each year there are 9,000 firework injuries and of that a large portion of that is children playing with fireworks," says Datnoff.

"It's gotten very hectic around here. The crowds usually start after Memorial Day weekend and July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are the busiest days of the year," explains Mick Burdette, employee at Shelton Fireworks.

Shelton Fireworks off I-85 in Cusseta has had thousands of people visit their store this week to prepare for the holiday weekend.

Georgia residents are their number one seller because of the limited types of fireworks that are legal in the state.

"The most popular items are the 60-gram canister. They are the biggest thing you can buy without a pyrotechnical license," explains Burdette.

And even with skyrocketing sales this week, Shelton Fireworks hope everyone will be smart and stick to the rules.

"Safety is a big issue," explains Burdette, "Always have a water source on sight and if a cake does not fire all the shots or if you have a problem with something, do not try to relight it."

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