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Latest drug bust largest in Harris County history


A drug trafficking operation leads Harris County police to the biggest ice bust they've ever had.

A press conference held by Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley revealed that drugs found in a vehicle along Interstate 185 trace back to a Mexican drug cartel.

News Leader 9's Jenyne Donaldson was in Harris County for the press conference.

The operation began when a Harris County deputy equipped with a high tech license plate reader got a hit on a stolen car. Angela Nash was pulled over and deputies found 500 grams of crystal meth – also known as ice – in a false bottom can, along with a gun and $5,200 in cash. Nash said she was headed to Panama City Beach.

Deputies also arrested Andréa McInally, who was driving ahead as lookout. Those two arrests led deputies and the drug enforcement agency to Meriwether County. 

"We can't just get this drug and let it go," Sheriff Jolley said. "We've got to follow it back to the source. So we followed up and the source was right next to us in Greenville and that source that got his in Greenville was in Atlanta and we believe that it's part of the Mexican Mafia."

Deputies followed the drug trail all the way to Panama City. To date, they've made seven arrests all charged with meth trafficking, seized 19 vehicles, more than $13,000 in cash, and more than 18 pounds of ice, valued on the street at more than $850,000.

"They in it for the money, we're taking the money. It's an economic gain profit so the only way to hurt them is through the economic death penalty, take the money."

In a joint investigation between the Harris, Merriweather, and Troup County Sheriff's Offices, the Metro Narcotics Task Force, and the Columbus DEA, Harris County boasts this as the biggest crystal meth bust they've ever had.

Nash and McInally have both bonded out on $100,000 bonds. Nash says the trip would've been her eighth heading to Panama City.    

Sheriff Jolley says I-185 has become a secondary drug trafficking route.

He considers this drug bust a major victory for stopping the trafficking of drugs to Panama City beach where teens and young adults from Harris County visit and could purchase the drugs. 

"I knew that the potential for some of our kids here in Harris County to come in contact with this dope stirred my heart."

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