WTVM 7/4/14 Editorial: Letters to WTVM

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Every so often, I share viewer comments about stories or issues we cover on News Leader 9.

A viewer named Richard just sent us an email, saying:

It's wrong to make it "appear that our mobile news app is some divine way of staying informed."

Well, actually, it can be.

Many viewers credit our app for keeping them safe when tornadoes ripped through Lee County in April. Thousands lost power and couldn't watch our live weather coverage, but the WTVM news and weather apps delivered storm alerts to cell phones in real time.

That's the reason we encourage viewers to download our mobile apps.

And we received this letter about my editorial on two Columbus strip clubs that might be shut down due to persistent criminal activity.

The viewer writes: "Mayor Tomlinson's personal war on black entertainment" is the reason she wants to close the clubs. The letter argues other crimes at other clubs "go unreported".

Saying the Mayor shouldn't close any club if other clubs do the same thing is not the strongest argument.

We still support the Mayor's threat to close dangerous clubs that refuse to clean up their act.

And then there was this email from Ivana:

"I am bothered by the constant misspellings on your news. Have your staff proof-read their work."

Ivana, I agree! Even in the heat of live breaking news, spelling counts! And I will share your concern with the news team.

If you have a comment or a concern, please write me here at the station or send me an email.

Your views always matter to us.

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