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Fight against prostitution continues

Pat Ward Pat Ward
The city made pictures, too The city made pictures, too

An Albany woman's fight against prostitution grabs the attention of city officials. A code enforcement officer showed up on her street today to take pictures. Pat Ward put up a sign last week declaring West Lincoln Avenue a No Prostitution zone.

While taking photos on her street, Ward even got a shot of two Street Maintenance workers in a city truck stopped in the street talking to a woman.  

The Albany Code Enforcement officer took pictures at West Lincoln and South Davis Street this morning, the area that L.G.M. neighborhood watch president Pat Ward said is overrun with prostitutes.

To back up her claims,  Ward has taken photos of cars and people stopping and talking to people she believes are hookers.  She took this picture of street maintenance employees in a city truck, talking to a woman. Ward showed it to the city manager and public works director. Thursday two city workers went to Ward's home and apologized.

Ward said, "I'm not trying to hurt anybody, but that's what happened.  And they allowed me to take their pictures because they thought I was kidding them, when I told them they were wrong for doing this."

City leaders would not go on camera today, saying this is a personnel matter, but told me they investigated Ward's complaint, and were convinced the employees did nothing wrong.  They told the employees to meet with Ward because she was upset.

 "I'm hoping somebody will take this situation seriously.  It's chronic.  To have such women of the street out. And we're just overburdened with this."

Ward said after our story about her sign and her fight against prostitutes aired Thursday, she has received calls from people in several other cities, but she is still waiting for action.

"It's so unfortunate I have to get phone calls from other cities to say we're behind you.  Hopefully someone in our fair city of Albany will step up and say let's clean that area up for these people."

Ward says she hopes code enforcement's pictures will lead to more law enforcement and city officials cleaning crime off her street.   Albany officials say the two city workers did nothing wrong, and were not disciplined.  Ward said she will continue taking pictures and showing them to law enforcement and city officials, trying to keep prostitution off her street.



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