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Better Business Bureau offers program for military

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When your job is to protect our country, the last thing you want to think about is a crook ripping you off.

The Better Business Bureau offers a program to make the lives of military members and their families easier called the BBB Military Line.

Leonard Crain with the BBB said it offers consumer protection and helps military members get educated on consumer issues.

"If they need to know how to establish credit lines or establish credit or buy a car or home, all of that information is there for them and we are here to help them in that regard," Crain said.

The organization will also take complaints from active war areas like Afghanistan and Iraq.

"The service member would be there and their family may be having a problem with the marketplace here so they would come to us make that complaint," Crain added.

When the BBB notices the complaint is from someone in the military it becomes priority.

Retired General Robert "Sam" Wetzel said it's a great idea.

"Sure they need all the protection they can get," Wetzel said. "The scammers are out there and they'll take your money in a heartbeat and you won't even know what has happened."

The website also gives advice on which companies to stay away from for families who move around the country a lot.

"Say when you move from your hometown you've left a lot of your referrals, like plumbers transmission shops and those kinds of things," Crain explained. "They can come to us and we can give them advice in regards to what to expect in doing business with a company."

Wetzel said a trusted source is valuable when there are people out to take advantage of you and your family.

There are five components of the program, which consists of education, outreach information, data collection and complaint and dispute resolution.

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