CA city gives free medicinal marijuana to the poor

BERKELEY, CA (WTVM) - A California city is giving away free marijuana to the poor, but only for medicinal use.

Berkeley, Calif. will require that its medical marijuana dispensaries provide free cannabis to low income residents, which would also include the homeless.

The low income residents must have a medical marijuana ID card or referral from a doctor.

"But we're talking about free medicine," said Berkeley City Council member Darryl Moore. "This is medical cannabis that is used to relieve pain for glaucoma and heart problems and things of that nature so I think it is a good idea."

Others aren't as optimistic.

"This will just open the door for people to get marijuana and sell it as opposed to them using it themselves for medicinal purposes," said a protester.

Low income in the area is defined as making less than $32,000 a year for an individual and less than $46,000 for a family of four.

The dispensary says it's been giving free weed to about 200 of its customers.

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