WTVM 7/11/14 Editorial: Military wife receives threatening note for "I love my soldier" car sticker

(WTVM) - Maybe you saw the story on our website about the nasty letter received by an Army wife because she had an "I Love My Soldier" sticker on her car. It happened in Savannah.

A soldier's wife returned to her parked car to find this handwritten letter on her windshield. It mocked her husband for being what the letter writer calls a "pawn in the immoral game of wholesale murder."

The letter was despicable. It ended with a threat about slashing her tires!

So the soldier's wife removed the sticker to avoid any additional negative reaction.

A website called Army Wife 101 urges military spouses to consider the dangers of being a target if they display such supportive military stickers. That's just sad.

Soldiers and their families deserve complete support from the rest of us who enjoy freedom and security because of their service.

The misguided and ill-informed person who would criticize any soldier's military service should instead be educated on the tactics and agenda of the terrorists we're fighting.

Does the letter writer not understand that radical Islamists behead their enemies - even fellow Muslim in their drive to create a repressive and inhumane regime?

By contrast, the uniquely American values of free speech and the ability to express political dissent that our soldiers valiantly defend, is what makes it possible for someone to criticize our soldiers, even while the rest of us support them in every way we can.

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