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Rash of car break-ins at Britt David Park raises concerns


A rash of car break-ins has many people concerned about whether they could be the thieves' next target.

Several cars were broken into at Britt David Park in North Columbus on July 12, 2014.

Parents will be packing the parking lot all week for the upcoming Dixie Baseball State Tournament. Roy Johnson, the representative for Britt David Park, has already asked law enforcement to patrol around the area and to check the parking lots daily, especially during the baseball tournament week.

Johnson said he is concerned that parents not only have to worry about their children playing well for the game, but worry about their cars as well.

"It's an unfortunate situation. We had two local cars broken into and two cars that were out of town broken into," Johnson explained. "We are always trying to get people to come to our city, and we don't want to put anything out there to make them not want to come here."

Johnson said Britt David Park is one of the safest and cleanest parks in the city, and he's hoping this kind of activity won't happen again.

"I think we are drawing many people into our city parks," Johnson explained. "We need to have protection available in parks too. We get a lot of tourists and visitors."

Columbus mother Amy Copeland told News Leader 9 she comes to Britt David Park often to cheer for her son since he plays baseball and football at the park. Although she's glad her car wasn't broken into Saturday night, Copeland said she's still worried about the criminal activity since her friend was one of the victims.

"I was upset for my friend and for everyone here," Copeland said. "My friend got her purse stolen. I sent out a mass text message to all the parents for the team to let them know they can't leave valuable items in their vehicles. I don't know if there are people going around taking advantage of all the people here at the park for the tournament… but just don't leave your stuff in the car."

Johnson also recommends people leave their valuable items in their homes and hotels instead of leaving them in their cars. Copeland and the victims of the car break-ins told News Leader 9 they didn't hear or see anything when the break-ins occurred.

According to the police report, cars were broken into around 8 p.m. Saturday evening. The four cars that were broken into had their rear passenger door and rear windows busted and shattered. Some of the items stolen were purses, cash and wallets.

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