Auburn City Council approves ticket scalping ordinance

Auburn City Council approves ticket scalping ordinance

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The countdown is on.

46 days until Auburn's football season begins and making sure fans enjoy the game day experience is a priority for the city and public safety officials.

"In recent years, we've had a number of people that are from outside the community that are coming in and are selling a number of tickets that have not been legitimate. They have bought these tickets in good faith," explains Captain Cedric Anderson of the Auburn Police Division.

In order to crack down on the selling of fake tickets and track who is doing business in the city, Auburn Council Members passed an ordinance July 15 that would regulate ticket scalpers by having them apply for a permit.

"Licensing is an easy way to do that. That way when people come in we can issue badges for them and we can know who is doing business downtown," says Finance Director, Penny Smith.

"We're not trying to target the father or mother who has an extra ticket because a child can't come to the game. What we are looking at is someone who has a fist full of tickets, who is not from the community and they're selling them for more than face value," explains Anderson.

Licensed scalpers will have to wear an identification badge in plain sight, and be able to provide a matching picture ID upon request while scalping in Auburn.

"If there is something wrong they can simply look at the permit, find out who the person is and it gives us the ability to follow up," says Anderson.

Registered scalpers will be required to pay a $155 registration fee and the permit would be valid from July 1 through June 30 of each year.

"There were some concerns over then being in the street and over the possibility of counterfeit tickets, so police felt this would be a good way to enable them to engage those people," explains Smith.

Since the ordinance passed, it is set to take effect August 2.

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