Traffic problems cause headaches for Columbus drivers

Traffic problems cause headaches for Columbus drivers

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some road construction projects are causing gridlock congestion around town.

If you travel on Whittlesey Boulevard or Moon Road, you know the bumper-to-bumper traffic drivers face every day.

There are two major construction projects wreaking havoc on drivers in north Columbus.

The Whittlesey Boulevard widening project is running approximately two years behind schedule while the Moon Road expansion is on track.

Traffic coming and going on two lanes and most are crawling at a snail pace on Whittlesey Boulevard.

"Oh my God, don't ask, congestion is horrible," stated Frances Chapman.

Chapman can't get around using the heavily traveled road between Veterans Parkway and Whitesville Road.

"I dread it and sometimes, I go out of my way to do it."

"If you think the congestion headaches are going to go away anytime soon, the project manager says think again. He says it's going to take two years to finish the project. And he says a major delay has been the traffic."

"Typical, you can't let the small stuff like that bother you. You just have to deal with it."

Montie Gilbert, project supervisor for McMath Turner construction, says the original construction time was two and half years.

He says if drivers would find alternative routes, it would be a big help. He says vehicles are actually slowing down the process.

On Moon Road, crews are hard at work in the beginning stages of changing the street from two to three lanes with sidewalks.

Twelfth Street in downtown Columbus is also being prepped to go from one way to two way traffic with a turn lane at Veterans Parkway.

The first year of the Whittlesey Road project was delayed due to a very rainy season in 2012. The $10.3 million project is being headed by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

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