WTVM 7/18/14 Editorial: The Tale of Two Sergeants

(WTVM) - You could call it "the tale of two sergeants."

One, an Army sergeant, now working a desk job after being released by terrorists, five years after leaving his base in Afghanistan. His name is Bowe Bergdahl.

The other sergeant is a Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi, held in a Mexican prison for taking a wrong turn at the border.

Sergeant Bergdahl is allowed to remain free pending the Army investigation of his alleged desertion.

Sergeant Tahmooressi ought to be free, too.

The White House went to great lengths to secure Bergdahl's release... so valuable was this sergeant that the U.S. traded the five most notorious terrorists at Guantanamo Bay to bring him home.

But when it comes to Sergeant Tahmooressi, there are no such negotiations or even much interest being expressed by the same White House-- the White House who claimed we leave no soldiers behind.

That is a disgrace. Both sergeants began their military service in the usual way. But Tahmooressi became a legitimate battlefield hero, while Bergdahl spoke out against our troops, sent his personal items home and disappeared from his base.

The contrast between these two sergeants could not be clearer. The U.S. should bring every political pressure to bear on Mexico to gain Tahmooressi's release.

Local veterans are watching these stories carefully and they have every right to get answers about why these two sergeants are being treated so differently.

The President hugs the alleged deserter's parents as he announced Bergdahl was free.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Tahmooressi's mother is left alone to plead for help for her son, who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder in his lonely prison cell.

While Andrew Tahmooressi can only hope his Mexican lawyer will succeed in eventually gaining his release, Bowe Bergdahl just hired a top-notch Yale University lawyer to plead his case.

Just another sad and unfair contrast in the curious case of the two American sergeants.

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